Oxygen concentrator buyback program.

There's a lot of information to learn and a lot of equipment and products to consider. Luckily, here at the Oxygen Concentrator Store by American Medical, we're well versed, being an industry leader since 2001. We are headquartered in Centennial, Colorado and support our oxygen customers in the United States and around the globe.

Oxygen concentrator buyback program. Things To Know About Oxygen concentrator buyback program.

The Eclipse 5 has SeQual's AutoSAT technology, which helps you maintain the same amount of oxygen consistently, even as your breath rate changes. The Eclipse 5 is only 18.4 pounds with the battery inside and is 19.3 inches tall, 12.3 inches wide and 7.1 inches deep. Even though it's one of the heavier portable oxygen concentrators on the market ...Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 23 Years of Oxygen Expertise - Breathe Easy Guarantee BuybackYes, we have a large rental fleet of portable oxygen concentrators available. There are many different units available for rental in order to fit each patients individual needs. We have weekly and monthly rentals for portable and home units. View available portable concentrator rentals.Inogen At Home 5L Concentrator Description. Weighing only 18 pounds, the Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator is the smallest and lightest-weight home concentrator available. It is 13 pounds lighter than its closest competitor and is quieter than a refrigerator. The Inogen At Home consumes less electricity, allowing you to save up to $300 per year.

Buy Back Form. We pay the shipping cost! We will provide you with a prepaid return label. You are paid by mailed company check or PayPal, your choice. All machines purchased by Main Clinic Supply must be in good …Looking for portable oxygen concentrator to keep you active? Then visit Philips EverFlo Accessories to check out and buy our latest portable oxygen products. PORTABLES. Inogen G5 / ROVE6; ... Buyback/Trade-In Program; Inogen Service Request Form; About Us; Contact Us; Complimentary Vacation Oxygen; 1-800-335-1633. 1-800-335-1633.Description. With Dynamic Network Analysis Technology (DNA), the OxLife Independence is the world’s first smart portable oxygen concentrator. Using DNA, we can monitor the machine’s temperature and the environment you are in to ensure the best performance possible. At a continuous flow on the second setting, the battery will last up to 2.75 ...

Perhaps you need to upgrade to a larger output model, or need a concentrator with a longer battery life or more features. We may be able to make you an offer to part exchange, or buy back from you, subject to the age, condition, usage and remaining warranty on your existing machine. Call us on 0345 100 0084 to find out more.

With our easy Buy-Back Program you can sell us your old model and use that money toward a new and improved oxygen concentrator! How the Buy Back Process Works: …We have 6 popular brand-name portable machines in its rental program: SeQual Eclipse and DeVilbiss iGO, both of which are continuous flow units; and Inogen One, Inogen One G2, Invacare XPO2 and Respironics Evergo, which are all pulse units. Rentals may now be arranged on a daily basis, with a 7-day minimum rental period, and customers may apply ...Here is a list of the portable oxygen concentrators that are approved by American Airlines: AirSep FreeStyle. AirSep FreeStyle 5. AirSep Focus. Belluscrua X-Plora. CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort. Devilbiss iGO. Devilbiss iGO2. Drive Oxus.It's a low white noise, and many people get used to it pretty quickly. It also uses less electricity than the Everflo Q. The Everflo's system is a little less weighty, so it uses around 100 watts less than the Everflo Q. Not much of a toss-up when it comes to saving money on your electric bill in the long run. The Everflo Q's system is ...Supplemental oxygen is a physician-ordered therapy to provide your body with extra oxygen to support vital bodily functions in the presence of heart or lung disease. By using an oxygen concentrator, you'll be able to obtain higher concentrations of oxygen than what's available in the air. Contrary to popular belief, the air we breathe is ...

Sep 3, 2023 · Comparing Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinders. by Courtney Sornberger September 3, 2023. Email. Intro: Oxygen therapy is a crucial treatment option for individuals with respiratory conditions. It helps increase the body's oxygen and improves overall well-being. Two common methods utilized for oxygen therapy are oxygen concentrators and cylinders.

The HomeFill 10L is light enough to use on a table top, and small enough to even put in a cabinet when you're done, for safe keeping. Despite its small size, the HomeFill 10L has the capacity of 10 LPM (liters per minute). It sits at just 20.25 inches wide, by 15 inches tall, by 16 inches deep and weighs 33 lbs.

The Lifechoice Activox Battery Package includes an External battery, an Internal battery, carry bag with shoulder strap, AC & DC adapters, cannula and manual. This battery package is perfect for users who would like additional battery life for the Lifechoice Activox. Here is a complete list of Lifechoice Activox specifications and features.A: Some portable oxygen concentrators can only go to around 10,000 feet and still be able to give you the amount of pure oxygen that you need. The Independence is exceptional, as it can travel to approximately 13,123 feet above sea level and still bring in enough oxygen to give you the purity you would get at lower altitudes. This portable ... Call 877.774.9271 or fill out the form below for more information on your trade-in eligibility. Stay informed on the latest news, product releases, special offers and much more! Our Buy-Back Program offers the unique opportunity to trade-in your Respironics EverGo for a Inogen One G3 to have a more effective oxygen solution. Pros of the SeQual Eclipse 5. Dual Mode: The SeQual Eclipse 5 comes with both pulse dose and continuous flow modes. The pulse dosing allows patients to fine tune the amount of oxygen they receive at 6 different levels and is energy-efficient. Continuous flow provides constant oxygen meaning this unit can be used with CPAP and BiPAP machines for ...Coverage depends on your plan with Humana as they have specific requirements and qualifications. We recommend contacting a insurance representative at Humana to discuss your coverage options on purchasing an oxygen concentrator and see if, and much they will cover for cost of oxygen therapy equipment.Main Clinic Supply, based in the small town of Rochester, Minnesota (Home of The World Famous Mayo Clinic), they deliver free to all Mayo Clinic hospitals and local hotels. With FedEx's strong presence, the family-owned business ships late into the evening. Inspired by Mayo Clinic's values, they prioritize helping peopOxlife Liberty2 - True Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen. from $2,995.00. Those with respiratory conditions who need a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) for the first time may initially feel overwhelmed by the many choices. While most on-the-go portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight and efficient, they can differ significantly from model ...

Supplemental oxygen is a medical gas and requires prescription to be sold to a patient. Prescription-only medical devices can only be sold by authorized retailers with permits and licenses. One cannot sell an oxygen concentrator on eBay or similar platforms. However, they can be sold back to a retailer via their Oxygen Concentrator Buyback Program.We maintain a large inventory of gently used home and portable oxygen concentrators that changes daily! These units go fast so call or fill out the form below to secure your like-new unit today. Call 1-888-743-0156 or fill out the form below for more information!Yes, you need a prescription to buy and use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Obtaining a prescription ensures you choose a safe and effective FDA-approved unit and ensures you use the right amount of supplemental oxygen. The FDA considers medical-grade oxygen a drug, meaning that oxygen causes physiological changes within the body.If you believe your concentrator is not working properly, please give our Customer Support Team a call at 1-877-774-9271 and we will happily help. For information on portable units, view our Portable Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Guide. Updated: March 27, 2023. Published: April 9, 2018.Portable Oxygen Concentrators Over 10 LBS. View our full selection of portable oxygen concentrators including the Inogen One G3, LifeChoice Activox 4L, and Respironics SimplyGo.Oxygen Concentrator Store Resources. Updated: August 29, 2022. From Accreditation to Travel Tips to our Help Center, use our Customer Resource Center is designed to support the oxygen community by providing access to relevant and up-to-date information. Customer Service.The Liberty 2L portable oxygen concentrator delivers 1 to 8 pulse flow and weighs only 6.4 pounds. The pulse mode is ideal for anyone who requires oxygen therapy, especially active users who don't want to be confined to their home. When in the pulse flow mode, use a fingertip pulse oximeter to determine what setting would best keep your blood ...

AirSep. There are 3 pulse-dose air step models. The first two are the Freestyle 3 and the Freestyle 5. The Freestyle only weighs 5 lbs and is very small, whereas the Freestyle 5 is 7 lbs. They deliver a pulse dose of 3 LPM and 5 LPM and are very portable. The third model is the Airsep Focus.

Start the process by completing the oxygen concentrator buyback form. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. ... Trade-In your old oxygen concentrator and get paid! It’s that simple. Start the process by completing the oxygen concentrator buyback form.The Used Rhythm Healthcare P2 is a portable oxygen concentrator designed with active lifestyles in mind. Its lightweight yet powerful design is ideal for on-the-go use, but it is still powerful enough to meet your oxygen needs. Here are some notable features of the Rhythm P2 portable oxygen concentrator. Our highly trained service technicians ...Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 23 Years of Oxygen Expertise - Breathe Easy Guarantee BuybackThe Inogen One G4 can get you anywhere from $300 to $1200 or more. Our safe and reliable Buyback Program provides an instant estimate on used concentrators. Get an Instant Quote on a Inogen G4 Buyback. Did you find what you were looking for? Buyback price for Inogen G4 depends on factors such as condition, age, warranty and accessories. The ...Rewards program! Our overarching aim is to empower more people with the knowledge and application of optimal breathing. The Oxygen Advantage® isn’t just a method, but a journey of health and fitness, and we’d love to share this journey with you. When you’re dedicated to health, fitness, or coaching, your energy goes into working with ...1 Votes So Far. Portable oxygen concentrators make it much easier for you to go just about anywhere while still using your oxygen therapy, and golfing with an mobile concentrator is no different. You need more oxygen while you're golfing because you're exerting energy. You're using extra muscle movement to swing, and to walk around.1st Class Medical Buy Back Program. Do you have an oxygen concentrator that you don't need or use anymore? We have the perfect solution for you! As one of the only companies to offer a Buy Back Program, we gladly buy used concentrators back from oxygen patients, their family members, and friends.Tammy Moore Customer Service Rep. 1-877-303-9289. Tammy Moore joined AMSR in August 2016. She enjoys spending time with friends and family. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Peirce College in PA with a Bachelors in Legal Studies. Future goals include going to the beach and seeing her son graduate college and get married.

This machine is one-of-a-kind, proven to offer oxygen support 24/7, whether at home, on the road, or in the air. It allows freedom for patients to live active lives and travel. The Oxlife Independence is manufactured by O2 Concepts in the United States and was first released in 2013. Overview of the Oxlife Independence.

EverFlo is part of the Right Fit, a complete portfolio of oxygen products and programs inspired by patients and built for business. The Right Fit series focuses on patients' needs. ... The EverFlo Oxygen concentrator weighs in at only 31 pounds, reducing shipping and storage costs and risk of injury. Compact design.

United Healthcare might cover some, or all of the purchase or rental of an oxygen concentrator. Coverage depends on your plan with United Healthcare as they have specific requirements and qualifications. We recommend contacting a insurance representative at Humana to discuss your coverage options on purchasing an oxygen concentrator and see if ...All of our Used DeVilbiss Units, including the Pre-Owned iGo2, have been methodically tested and reconditioned to ensure the highest quality and are available in various styles, hours of use, and different warranty options. We maintain the most extensive inventory of Pre-Owned and Refurbished DeVilbiss oxygen concentrators for sale, with Used ...Never submerge your Inogen G5 concentrator in water. Particle Filters: Remove your device's filters from the front and back of the machine. To clean the particle filters, use water and the same mild detergent as you used to clean the exterior of the machine. Then, rinse with water and dry them completely before reusing them.7 Liter Flow Oxygen Concentrators. We have 7 liter flow oxygen concentrators with the newest features and from brands like Invacare and AirSep. Seven LPM machines are continuous flow and available as a home unit. With several of choices at different liter flows and prices – picking the right oxygen machine can pose a challenge.While sitting down or taking a leisurely walk, breathe in through your nose as deeply as you can. Purse your lips and try to exhale longer than you inhaled. This will help ensure that you are bringing in enough oxygen while expelling the carbon dioxide trapped in your lungs. You should also do pursed lip breathing while you are relaxing, 2 or 3 ...Another CAIRE product on our favorite list in 2024 is the CAIRE Companion 5 Home Concentrator. Smaller in size than the NewLife Intensity 10, the Companion 5 offers settings of 1 to 5 LPM but has increments of 0.5 to allow for a more customized oxygen delivery system. The slim and sleek unit is lightweight at 36 pounds and has large operating ...Yes, if the medical order states that it is your prime source of oxygen for regular use. For example, if you also want to get a stationary oxygen concentrator in addition to your portable model, you would have to pay for the stationary unit out of pocket. Rate This Story. 1 Votes So Far. Author Profile Related Posts.Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 Call to Speak to an Oxygen Specialist: 877.774.9271 23 Years of Oxygen Expertise - Breathe Easy Guarantee BuybackPortable model range: Pure Medical offers concentrators from top manufacturers including Inogen, OxyGo, Invacare, EasyPulse and Respironics. Flow type: Offers both pulse and continuous flow models. Weight: Most are around 4lbs, but they do have a couple of models at 2.8lbs, and one heavier one at 10lbs.Despite being a great phone, the Galaxy S20 isn’t selling so hot right now. Samsung is trying to boost enthusiasm for its latest smartphone with a new buyback policy that ensures c...We supply a variety of home oxygen concentrators, including the Philips EverFlo. Check us out in Denver, Glendale or Atlanta! PORTABLES. Inogen G5 / ROVE6; Inogen G4; Inogen G3 $1995; ... Buyback/Trade-In Program; Inogen Service Request Form; About Us; Contact Us; Complimentary Vacation Oxygen; 800-335-1633. 800-335-1633. Philips EverFlo Home ...

The GM Lemon Law Buyback program allows customers who believe they have purchased a faulty car to demand that the offending manufacturer buy the car back. The program is made possi...Yes, we have a very attractive buy back program. We will buy back any modern concentrator that is in working condition and does not smell of smoke. If you would like to receive a quote on your oxygen concentrator please complete our Oxygen Concentrator Buyback Form and a Buyback Specialist will contact you about purchasing your oxygen concentrator.Our Recertified and Refurbished Oxygen Concentrators are ideal for users searching for a more affordable alternative to purchasing a new oxygen concentrator. All of our recertified concentrators have been tested, sanitized, and reconditioned to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. We maintain a large section of Refurbished home and ...Instagram:https://instagram. electric blanket control flashingaloha nail barmarye's pizza westlakegun shows in tn For the pulse and continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators, you can expect between 17 and 20 pounds, with the Respironics SimplyGo being the exception at 10 pounds. These concentrators range in size from 12 to 18 inches high, 10 to 12 inches wide, and 6 to 8 inches deep (about the size of a child's backpack or small carry-on luggage). food lion 2856dice rolling discord bot How do I sell my portable oxygen concentrator? The best way to sell a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is to find a reputable DME or Oxygen Concentrator Retailer. Reselling units that are no longer needed is a great way to prevent increasing the landfill and making a little cash. A reputable retailer will make the process easy and safe for you. Buyback/Trade-In Program; Inogen Service Request Form; About Us; Contact Us; Complimentary Vacation Oxygen; 800-335-1633. 800-335-1633. ... Please call our rental department to reserve your complimentary oxygen concentrator. Oxygen Travel Checklist Planning a Trip? Don't Forget this necessary travel checklist! oath of vengeance bg3 Once you've experienced the freedom and peace of mind that a battery-powered portable oxygen concentrator our Arizona-based company provides, there is no turning back. Change Your Oxygen. Change Your Life! It's more than a slogan - it's a gift we strive to give every oxygen user. Call our Specialists 1-800-335-1633.Recertified Inogen G5: Extra $200 Off. Enjoy an additional $200 discount on our recertified Inogen G5 units. Quality and performance at an even more affordable price of $1,500. Get Holiday Deal. Celebrate the Season with Unmatched Deals. Hurry, these offers are only available while supplies last! Don't miss out on these limited time offers.